About us

Shop in Dubai is a first of its kind shopping bridge between Pakistan and Dubai. To facilitate the people of Pakistan for their shopping needs according to their expectations ‘Shop in Dubai’ works as their Dubai-based shopping partner. With a guarantee to acquire ORIGINAL and BRANDED products from the world-class shopping malls of Dubai, We ship them with extreme care to reach safely to our customers as fast as within 3 – 5 days.

Each product is custom bought as per our customers requirements, hence our team of Dubai-based customer service is always in contact with our customers personally from the moment an order is placed. The unlimited range of your desired brands and products from Dubai are now just a click away to Pakistan.  Shop in Dubai is a division of Jahan Digital (Private Limited) Company based in Pakistan and Dubai simultaneously.

Opening up this new shopping window between the residents of Pakistan and Dubai Malls, all branded products under the category of fashion, electronics, cosmetics, perfumes, and a wide range of gifts can now be bought in the Dubai shopping Malls from the convenience of your home/space while in Pakistan.